Book Review – Plum Island

Bet y’all thought I’d vanished.

I’m still here. I’ve set myself a deadline to finish my current work in progress by the end of the year. Which means I’m deep inside the hell of this self-imposed deadline.

But I’ve been sneaking time to read during my lunch breaks at my day job. It’s saving my sanity but it takes a while to finish a book. Which is why I haven’t reviewed any books in a long while.

I did, finally, just finish reading a great novel – Plum Island by Nelson DeMille. This is my first Nelson DeMille novel and I’m in love with his writing style. It’s rich in details yet easy to read and fast-paced. I will most definitely be reading more of his books.

A friend and fellow book addict gave my Plum Island at Thanksgiving and I’m so grateful. It was just what my mind needed. It’s far from my own writing genre and has really helped me recharge my own creativity.

The story follows NYC homicide detective John Corey. He’s supposed to be resting and healing up from an attempt on his own life. Instead of convalescing he gets drawn into a homicide investigation that quickly goes off the rails.

DeMille keeps his readers guessing throughout the whole story. I’ve always been pretty good at picking out the bad guy in mystery novels but this story threw me off for a good while. I love that. I want to have to dig through clues right with the primary characters.  There are wonderful twists and turns, lots of sarcastic humor, and even some heart touching moments – but nothing too sappy. It was a great read.

I’m not going to post any spoilers here but if you’d like a good mystery with a touch of history and a dash of pirate treasure, you need to check out Plum Island. You won’t be sorry.

Happy reading!


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