About Me

readingHello everyone! I’m Jocelyn Elise. I live in Texas and am a graphic designer by day and a writer and artist by night. I currently have three books out on Amazon and am hard at work on several other books. Watch this site for teasers and updates!

Oh and I take pictures of my feet whenever I’m someplace that makes me happy. Because I’m strange. (And now the picture over there makes sense.)

Enjoy! And welcome to my website!

*Please note that everything on this site is my property (unless otherwise noted). I have close to a dozen lawyers that I call family. Don’t steal my stuff. I don’t want to have to sic them on you.

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  1. I loved the paper you wrote on Be still and I also love that verse Be still and know that I am God.. So proud of you and I know God will continue blessing you in all that you do. God bless. Jim

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