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Reclaimed Wood Table and Chairs

Y’all. I made something. I started with a table base and four chair frames and an idea. Once upon a time this was my grandparents’ patio furniture. I spent many an hour in their backyard in Albuquerque sitting at it. Family dinners. Bowls of ice cream on warm summer nights. Dying Easter eggs with my […]

The D Word

So it’s been a long damn time since I’ve written anything. I’ve been neglecting my blog and my website and, to be honest, my writing. It’s been a rough year y’all. Things are better now though. Which means it’s time for a recap and a look forward. First we’re going to talk about the D […]


I’ve been feeling rather broken lately. It’s been a year since my dad’s heart surgery. The one he didn’t survive. I miss him so very much. All those old emotions and stressors and everything keeps slipping back into me. I’ve tried to leave them in the past – that’s where they belong. But grief is […]