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Still Here…Still Writing…As Always

Hey there everyone. It’s me, Elise. I’m still here. I’ve survived the dumpster fire of 2020, the smaller dumpster fire of 2021, and I’m still writing. No new book yet but I do have a short story to share with y’all. Because it’s an Award Winning story. Yeah, that’s right. I can now call myself […]

Reclaimed Wood Table and Chairs

Y’all. I made something. I started with a table base and four chair frames and an idea. Once upon a time this was my grandparents’ patio furniture. I spent many an hour in their backyard in Albuquerque sitting at it. Family dinners. Bowls of ice cream on warm summer nights. Dying Easter eggs with my […]

The D Word

So it’s been a long damn time since I’ve written anything. I’ve been neglecting my blog and my website and, to be honest, my writing. It’s been a rough year y’all. Things are better now though. Which means it’s time for a recap and a look forward. First we’re going to talk about the D […]