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The Rio Verde Series

This trio of novels takes readers to fictional Rio Verde Texas. In each story the core of faith that the town was built upon changes and heals the hearts of the characters.

Book #1 – Restoration Road

Mallory Andrews didn’t want to return to her hometown. And she didn’t want to return to her Southern Baptist roots. She was fine, she kept telling herself, far from home and the God she’d lost faith in. But when her mother’s death calls her back she returns to Texas. And what was supposed to be a short trip quickly becomes a move home. As she becomes part of her father’s contracting business she finds that the small town has changed. And as she and her father heal from their loss she finds his faith in the Lord reigniting her own dormant faith.

When her old crush, Tres, hires them for a restoration project Mallory falls in love with the crumbling old house. And when feelings bloom between her and Tres, she finds herself on the road to a brand new, unexpected life filled with faith, sweet tea, and fresh paint.

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Book #2 – Fresh Faith

Joy Abbott had never stayed in one place long. She followed the wind, moving from place to place. She didn’t put down roots. She didn’t make friends. She didn’t get tied down. A registered letter changed everything though. Joy obeyed the summons it contained and headed to yet another new town. Instantly Joy is constrained by terms in a will belonging to a stranger — her grandfather. One year and she’d become the owner of a bakery. A bakery she could sell to fund her wandering dreams.

At least that’s what she thought until she locked eyes with Will Bell. He quickly shows her the little town holds more than she’d thought. Friendship. Family. Love. Faith. Joy starts to see that standing still isn’t a trap, putting down roots isn’t giving up, and that faith can be as sweet and fresh as just baked bread.

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Book #3 – Healing Hope

Luz Baca had it all. An ever-expanding circle of friends. The love of her life. A beautiful daughter. A humble, happy life in a quiet, safe town. Until a cowardly criminal took the life of her husband. Then the rock-solid faith that had sustained her for her whole life was left shattered. Shattered and quickly replaced with a hollow emptiness as she finds herself wandering through a life that has lost meaning and purpose.

Then a for sale sign appears in front of a historic home and a spark comes back into Luz’s heart.

And when a stranger offers her friendship, understanding, and a chance to make an old dream come true, the new path he offers — along with his humbling faith — starts to bring light and meaning back into her life. With his help, Luz quickly discovers the faith she’d thought she’d lost, a second chance at love, and the healing power of hope.

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