Shifting Perspectives

New year. New me.

Just kidding. I don’t buy into the whole New Year’s Resolutions crap. You shouldn’t need a new year to make changes in your life. You also shouldn’t try to transform your whole life the first two weeks into a new year. You just met this year. Get to know each other first.

So far, 2019 and I are pals.

If you don’t think of Young Guns when someone says “pals” we can’t be friends.

I’m not going to say this is my year. Because that would totally jinx things. But so far, things don’t suck.

So for this new year, because I did need to make a change in my life, I’m shifting my perspective. I’m changing my focus.

I’m focusing hard on my writing.

No more stressing about my day job because after 13 years here I’ve accepted that I’ll never get the promotion or the pay I deserve. I’m staying because it’s steady pay and good insurance and no one bats an eye if I’m writing on the sly. But I’m not letting it be the biggest thing in my life.

I know (KNOW) that writing is what God wants me to do. When I focus on it things get clearer and better. Things fall into place.

That never happens when I’m focused on things related to my day job.

So I’m fixing up my office to fit my quirky writing habits.

My work-in-progress office. I need to improve my computer situation and get a better chair but it’s almost there.

I’m letting go of other commitments that keep me from writing.

And I’m not worrying about things I can’t control or fix or even improve.

I’m focusing on writing more stories for y’all.

I hope 2019 is being your pal so far too.


One thought on “Shifting Perspectives

  1. So far I cannot complain to much. Oh really I could, but what difference would it make? Not much to me,, perhaps more to Sheryl who would not have to hear me complain.

    Ahh on second thought,, yeah I bet it would make a lot of difference. See a new perspective already. Happy wife, happy life after all.

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