A Brutal Year

It’s almost over.



Goodbye to a year that beat the hell out of me from the very beginning. I know I’m not the only one too. I think 2018 was universally rough.

There was way too much loss in my world this year.

My father.

My cat.

A horse.*

Just when I thought I’d made it to December and was almost done with this terrible year my Aunt Mary passed away.

This year I gave up on my life out in the country with all my animals. This year I made hard choices for my health, changing my whole life for a much kinder lifestyle. (Worth it but still painfully hard.)

I lost my publisher this year.

I gave away the horse I’d raised from a foal.

This year sucked.

But there was some good-ness too though. I figured out the whole self-publishing thing and released my third book myself. (You can buy a copy here.) I bought a house in town that, even though it’s a project, I really love it. I got a big raise at work. My baby sister got engaged. One of my very best friends had a beautiful baby girl. I’ve been adopted by a stray cat who is becoming the sweetest little gal.

2018 was brutal. But it wasn’t too bad. I’m on the right side of the ground. I’m refocused hardcore on my writing.

I just booked my very first book signing at a proper bookstore. (Watch my Facebook page for info on it.)

It’s going to be over soon.

And 2019 will be better. Even if I have to force it to be.

Happy New Year, y’all.


*(I didn’t tell y’all about this. I think you know that I rehomed both my horses when I moved into town. My father’s horse had to be put down in October. He was 32 and was failing. He probably wouldn’t have made it through the winter. He had a great life but it still sucks that he’s gone. Even if he wasn’t in my care anymore. By the way, my other horse is doing great in her new home. I miss her but she’s having a wonderful time with her new human.)

One thought on “A Brutal Year

  1. Elise, I am sorry about your Aunt. But I am happy about the positives you list. 2018 was an odd year here as well. New opportunities presented themselves, but I opened the year in a cast and will soon be in another for the same issue. in between there were three other casts, same thing and a nose job (not that sort of nose job) I had a broken septum. Psst, its always something.

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