Cover Art

It’s time.


I’ve been sitting on this forever. But it’s finally time.

May I present the cover art for my third book, Healing Hope.


Designed by the lovely Carol of Carol’s Cover Designs. She has done all my covers thus far and is nothing short of wonderful. I’m in love with this cover. It is perfection. And you’ll find out why when you read the book. Which you’ll be able to do later this month!

That’s right. Another finally moment. I just sent back a round of changes to my editor. (My uber talented friend Lindsay over at Elle&A Writing, Editing, and Photography.) Hopefully, I’ll be able to put the finished book out into the world by Thanksgiving. And remember, while you’re waiting, you can read my first two books. They’re over on Amazon.



4 thoughts on “Cover Art

  1. Nice book cover! I like the crisp, clean design, the slight mystery of it, and the way it doesn’t look too cluttered. Great font choices and nice visual separation from the image so you can actually read the words. I wish you the best on your new book!

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