Not a Joiner

I’m not a joiner. I don’t go with the crowd. I don’t go crazy about the newest things.

I just don’t. I like what I like. Popularity or peer pressure isn’t going to sway me.

But that’s not what this post is about. Well not totally.

©JEP Photography ©JocelynInTexas ©ElisePhillips
A sunflower that is also not a joiner. (One of my own photos. In my other life, I’m a photographer. Another passion great for loners.)


It’s about why I’m not going to try that diet you recommend — the one that “cures” rheumatoid arthritis. I’m not going to run out and buy that supplement you swear “cured” your grandmother’s neighbor’s RA.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

And yet folks suggest things to me all the time.

I appreciate it. I know that 99% of them are suggesting things because they care and really believe that it will fix me. That it will heal me. I love them for believing it and wanting to help me and make me well.

The non-joiner in my balks at the fad-type suggestions/recommendations each time.

Plus, there is no magic bullet for RA. I’ve lived with it for 30 years now. I accept that I will always have this autoimmune anchor to lug around with me.

Right now, my RA burden is light. I’ve been medically in remission for nearly two years. That means my labs show no inflammation markers in my blood. That means no new disease activity. What most folks don’t understand is that quiet RA doesn’t mean I’m living pain free. The damage has already been done across most of my body. There isn’t anything but Jesus that will make that go away. I’m still going to have short flares when the weather goes haywire or I over do it. But at least my body isn’t actively trying to destroy itself right now.

It’s taken me a long time to become happy in my own skin. Sure, I could lose a few pounds. And I know I could eat better. Exercise more. Swear less.

But I’m happy. And I think I’m rather awesome just as I am. A little pudgy. A little coarse. A lot fantastic.

And my RA is happy and chill and I’m not going to do a thing to change it.

So thanks for that diet/pill/exercise/faith healer/voodoo priestess you just recommended. I’ll pass. I’m not a joiner. And I’m grand just as I am.


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