The Big 4-0


You never outgrow looking goofy in pictures.

I turned 40 just over a week ago.

Not really a big deal for me. Birthdays are just numbers. I hate that people make you feel as though you should be checking off BIG LIFE EVENTS before certain birthdays. That’s crap. My life moves at a pace specific to me. I check things off when I damn well feel like it. You’re not the boss of me, check list!

Umm. Sorry about that. Got my back up for a sec. I don’t like being told what to do. Even by arbitrary lists that I don’t read.

Back to my point, birthdays aren’t a big deal to me. When you live with a chronic illness and chronic pain, age isn’t a big thing. In any given day I can feel 80, then 15, then 35, etc.

Anyway, I did treat myself to something special for my birthday. (Always buy yourself birthday presents.)

I went to my first ever writing conference.


The piles of information and stuff I came back with. There’s a bestselling book in there, I know it!

Y’all, it was amazing. Scary and way out of my comfort zone but amazing. I learned so much. I met amazing people and made great new friends. Some of what I learned was about marketing and social media and self promotion. So if you follow me on the Twitter, the Instagram, or the Facebook, you’ll be seeing more of me. You’ll also notice that this isn’t just a blog now, it’s a proper website. I bought myself a .com for a second birthday present.

From here on out I’m going after this writing thing hard. Because I’ve been back at my day job for less than a full day and I’m already popping headache meds and eating junk food. Because I’ve missed my laptop and the piles of notes and research. Because I’d rather write than anything else. And because I know writing is what I’m supposed to be doing.

So I’m going to push hard and work on two books at once and go for it.

While I try to work full time. And take care of my 13 acres and small zoo of animals. And take care of things for my folks because my dad is recovering from heart surgery. And volunteer at my church. And try to get my house ready to sell next year. And…and…and…

I’m not crying. You’re crying.


Anyway, point is, I’m going all in.


Future bestselling author pictured here. (God willing!)

I’m writing for bigger goals.

I’m aiming for those elusive bestseller lists.

I’m shooting for the NYT.

Wish me luck.






In case anyone is wondering, this is the conference I attended. I’ll be back next year too.

Also, NYT refers to the New York Times bestseller list. My name is GOING TO BE on it. I swear it.

One thought on “The Big 4-0

  1. I am turning 60 in a few days. I love being 60. I feel like life is pretty good all in all. The writing class looks amazing.

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