World Arthritis Day

Rocking blue today for a very good reason. Other than the fact that I look great in blue.

Rocking blue today for a very good reason. Other than the fact that I look great in blue.

So…it’s Monday. (Go ahead and groan and grumble. I’ll join you.) I’m never thrilled to see the end of the weekend and the start of the work week. But this Monday isn’t too bad. Because today is World Arthritis Day.

I could give you all sorts of stats about arthritis but The Arthritis Foundation has already taken care of that. Click here if you’d like to read them. I highly recommend it. You’ll learn something, trust me. So instead of stats or a proper post about arthritis, I’m going to share some arthritis related articles that I love. Because I like to share cool stuff. And because my right wrist is celebrating the day by not working and I can’t really type properly.

The Spoon Theory. If you don’t know this, you should. It is amazing and is the best way to explain life with a chronic illness.

How to Understand Someone With Chronic Pain. This is a great one to share with caregivers/family/friends if you’re living with chronic pain.

The 60 Second Guide to RA. This is a classic from Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy. His whole blog is wonderful so stay there and look around after you read the article.

Shoes for Arthritis. You may not think shoes matter that much, but they do. I didn’t take care of my feet when I was first diagnosed and am now dealing with lots of foot pain. I wish someone had guided me toward more arthritis friendly footwear when I was younger.

Creaky Joints. This is one of the best websites for someone with arthritis. They have great articles, support, and more.

The Arthritis Foundation. They’re a great organization sharing information and bringing together people with arthritis. They also do lots of work within the US government in the name of patient advocacy. They are also always looking for volunteers.

The Arthritis Research Foundation. Another great organization. They are working toward a cure for arthritis. If you have arthritis look on their site for ways to help them out. Even just filling out a survey can help them.

Arthritis Research UK. I know, I’m in the US, but this is an awesome organization. They’re worth a follow on Facebook. They’re always sharing wonderful info on the arthritis based research being done across the pond.

The Arthritis Society. This is Canada’s version of The Arthritis Foundation. Like Arthritis Research UK, they’re a great one to follow on Facebook. It is wise to know what is being done outside of the US. All that research impact us too.

I hope you’ll find some new sites to follow from my list. If you have sites or articles you’d like to share, please post them in the comments. And if you’re on the Twitter, search for the World Arthritis Day hashtag. There’s some really great stuff being shared today.


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