Wired Different

I will be the first one to point out that I do not see the world the same way most people do. I think differently and I’m okay with it. It has made life challenging, I’m not gonna lie. I have never seen the point of small talk, I speak when I have something to say. If I don’t have something to say I’m quiet. I don’t see the need to instantly grant someone special treatment because of their bank account or title, etc. In this world we’re taught that people should fit into categories (this is especially true in my hometown). I think that’s a bunch of crap so naturally people often have a hard time with me. I’m also probably too open and honest and don’t waste a moment of time on someone who is angry at me for what I consider stupid reasons.

To put thing simply, I’m wired differently.

Recently I shared the video Somewhere in America on Facebook. To me it is eye opening. It is a beautiful and brave way to be brutally honest about the way American society is today. One of my friends said it was fine but had hidden liberal agendas. This made me pause and think about my reaction to the video. To me these three brave girls are stating the facts as they see them. They see history being censored, they see cruel acts being hidden, they see oppression, and so much more. I watch this video and I am humbled by their bravery. I am angered by the things they call out because they’re things I see myself. I am frustrated because I think we should be making this world better and more honest and more safe but instead it seems to be getter more cruel and unequal and more filled with lies.

I see exactly zero politics in this video.

I try to keep out of politics as a whole because my thoughts on the subject don’t go over well with most of my family. We’re already separated by party lines. (Another thing that I think is total crap.) Were I to be totally honest with them about my thoughts about American government and our society as a whole I’d probably get blacklisted by the whole lot of them. Let’s just say that I’m 1000% sure that, were our founding fathers able to travel through time, they’d take one look at what this country has become and give each and every one of us a spanking.

Anyway, my point is that I don’t see why we need to see a political agenda is that video. Why can’t we just see the beauty of their words? Why does there have to be a hidden agenda within their poem? Why can’t it just be something beautiful and brave?

I know I’m wired differently but surely I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I’d love to know your thoughts, dear readers!


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