This semester marks the halfway point for me in grad school. In just over a year I’ll be completing my thesis and be all done. Whew. That is both scary and exciting.


That’s not me. But that is what I look like most of the time. Surrounded by books and overwhelmed. It’s great fun or something.

Probably the scariest part is that my thesis will be a book. Literally. A completed work of fiction that will have come from my brain. *Shudder.*

This semester’s class marks the beginning of the work on my book. In the course of eleven weeks, I will create a finished book proposal complete with a book concept, marketing plan and all that jazz.

Today I started the book concept.

Today I wrote the words “my book” for the first time.

Today things just got real.


Great googly moogly, I’m gonna be a writer!

My life long dream of becoming a published author just took a step towards reality. No longer is the story in my head or on my computer. Sharing it with my professor and my classmates just made it a real idea. A real idea that will become a real book.

It’s normal to feel like you’re going to be sick when a dream starts to come true, isn’t it? Right now I’m torn between screaming for joy or sprinting to the bathroom. And I can’t stop smiling.

It’s real everyone. It is going to happen.


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