No. Not meetings like in a conference room where everyone is thinking “This should have just been an email.”

I’m talking about a different kind of meetings. Meeting people specifically.

Two weeks ago my moms finally met. (Confused. Go here. I’ll wait for you to catch up.)

My adoptive mom (my Mom) finally got to meet my birth mom, C. I’m not going to lie. It was a little scary, bringing the two of them together. Now that I’ve processed it all though I’m not sure why it was so scary. They’re really similar women. Texas women. Women of deep, strong faith. Full of love and kindness and kind words and unfailing support.

Things were tense for a bit but everyone relaxed and we had a wonderful time just visiting and laughing like we were a big, happy family.

Because that’s what we really are. A family.

When C gave me up, gave me to my parents, she made us a family. And when I found her, I reconnected us all. We’re not an example of how adoption typically goes but I like to think that we’re an example of how it should go.

I’m blessed to have such a wonderful family.

One thought on “Meetings

  1. Elise my grandmother who adopted my uncle Mike said his adoption made two women happy. The mom who gave him up and the mom who adopted him. Mike learned of his mom in his teens. He was introduced to his father in his 50’s. its the gift that kept on giving for many years.

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