This World

orange sunsetI do not recognize the world we’re currently living in. This is not the world I was raised in. This is not the world I thought I would live in as an adult. This world hurts my heart. And my soul. And my mind. I wish I could just wave a magic wand and heal this poor, broken, out of control world.

But I can’t. I can’t fix the world in one big movement. No one can.

As a Christian, I want to say that the answer is simple. Everyone needs more Jesus. We – humanity – have gotten so far from our creator that we’ve become a lost and broken people.

But I’m a realistic person. I know that there isn’t as simple an answer to such a complicated and broken world.

All I know is that I want the world be better.

I want people to realize that our differences are beautiful and should never be a source of fear or the inspiration for hate. I want people to understand that if their religion says they should kill people then they’re putting their faith in something that is deeply wrong. I want our American media to remember that journalists are supposed to report the news, not sensationalize it or incite fear or hate. I want people to stop worshiping celebrity or wealth and instead put their stock in things that really make the world better – like music, art, science, and, yes, Christianity.

I want the people who are using Christianity as a basis to judge others to remember that we are all sinners and have no right to judge on another – only the Big Guy has that right.

I want people to see just other people – not skin color, religion, sexual orientation, political party, bank account size…

I want people to spend more time reading books. More time sitting on front porches with friends and family. More time watching it rain or snow. More time watching the sun rise and set. More time watching children play or cats nap or birds fly.

I want people to lean more on their own brains and their own two hands rather than technology or the internet or the TV…

I want people to stop yelling and blaming and being so cruel.

More than anything though I want people to be kind.

To be empathetic.

To be compassionate.

To be accepting.

To love.


Love, prayers, and blessings to each of you.



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