An Update

Happy Friday y’all! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I’m sorry about that. I’ve been bustin’ it, as my friend Kelly always says. I spent all of January polishing up my manuscript and getting it ready to turn over to my publisher. I sent it over the end of the month. The next time I see it, Restoration Road will have been edited by a pro. And will be one step closer to becoming an actual book. Pretty exciting stuff.

The whole my book is getting publishing thing is really starting to sink in. It really is going to happen. My story that came from my weird brain is going to be printed and bound and sold in bookstores. And online. I’ll have an author page on Amazon. You’ll be able to find my name on the shelves at Barnes and Noble.

My heart gets all fluttery when I think about it.


How I feel inside all the time these days.

My friend Melanie already wants to start planning a book release party. And my mom’s best friend Carol Ann wants to help. I’m not a party person but I’ll let them go for it. I realized the other day that, at nearly 39 years old and still single, I’ll probably never have any of the big life event parties the other members of my family will have. I won’t have a big wedding. Or baby showers. This is my big life event. I don’t know that anything will ever top this. So, even though my introverted self cringes at the thought, we’ll have a big party. I may end up hiding in a closet but I will celebrate this.


Anna Kendrick is my spirit animal.

My book will be out October 1st. That feels far away but will be here in a flash I know. I’ll keep y’all posted on its transition from manuscript to proper book. I’ll probably even do a giveaway or contest or something. Maybe give y’all a few copies of my book. Cause I love you people.

Blessings and love!



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