Photo courtesy of Polsifter on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/polsifter/4047982682/

I think we can all agree that having hope is pretty darn important. You hope you’ll make it to work on time. You hope you won’t get a speeding ticket. (For me those two are always connected.) You hope about probably dozens of things in a day. Little things, big things. You may not even be aware you’re hoping for something but I think that we always are. Even if it is even something tiny like for your friend to laugh at the bizarre text you just sent. You hope. All the time.

If you’re like me and you live with a chronic illness (hello Rheumatoid Arthritis, you jerk) hope is a whole ‘nother animal. It’s HOPE. I HOPE the latest meds will work without terrible side effects. I HOPE the last round of bloodwork will show good things – like lower inflammation markers – and not bad things – like elevated liver enzymes. I HOPE that the ‘alternative’ treatments like vitamins will help. I HOPE that my insurance will cover meds or treatments or surgeries.

When you’re sick hope is sometimes all that you have.

And that’s why I’m super excited to share something with y’all. If you’re active in the arthritis community, you may know my friend Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy. He’s pretty much awesome. And he’s started something new that is AMAZING.

He’s starting the Hope Care Package Exchange. He’s connecting folks with RA from all over the world. Once we’re paired up we’ll send each other care packages…of hope. No…of HOPE. I signed up the moment he shared the news. I’m beyond excited to connect with another RA warrior and offer them some goodies and a big helping of HOPE.

Please, click the link and check it out. And if you’re an RA warrior too, sign up. Maybe you’ll get paired with me!


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