Everyone has great big milestones in their life. They’re the fixed points that your life evolves from. Graduating from high school (I prefer to think of it as getting paroled). Graduating from college. Getting married (no thank you on that one). Turning 16, 25, 30, etc. These moments are the signposts along our journey through this life. They show which road you chose when faced with different options. They mark the highs and lows, the lessons learned, the gains and the losses.

I just added another milestone to my road.

first novel

That, my friends, is my completed manuscript. First novel – done. Well, sort of done. It will now be heavily edited. Some parts will be trashed or rewritten. Some characters may be cut out. But the story is done. I never ever thought I’d do this. Write a book. I always wanted to but I never really thought I’d do it. And now I can’t wait to start on the next one. There is a long process to go before this one is done. I’ll hopefully find an agent and a publisher next. And then one day be telling y’all that my book is out in stores.

But for now I’m just happy to have added this awesome milestone to my road.

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