Last week was pretty much awful in my little corner of the world. One of my beloved pets went missing. My cat Newt is the sixth pet to go missing this summer in my rural neighborhood. I’m assuming he was stolen and that I’ll never get him back. I’m both wildly angry and deeply sad. But I’m healing.

This week I’m on vacation in Colorado. I was hesitant to leave my two remaining pets plus my goat and my horses. But my father is staying at my house and keeping everyone close to home and safe. So here I am, in the mountains enjoying some time with my mom.

I’m still heartbroken over the loss of my sweet cat. Since the day he went missing I’ve been plagued with nightmares about the terrible, cruel things that could have happened to him. But as per usual, the mountains are healing me. The nightmares have gone. My anger and sadness have faded. I’m still sad. And I’ll still pray for his safe return for a long time to come. 

But right now…I’m happy. Well. Happier. Sitting with your feet in a mountain stream is remarkably healing.


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