I’ve been rather MIA lately and I’m so sorry, dear loyal readers that number below 10. I’ve been working on the difficult and sometimes sad task of cataloging, photographing and pricing a collection of model horses that I started 30 years ago. Long story short, but I plan to move out of state, or possible out of the country in the next few years and I know my model horses really can’t come with me. Plus, I need the extra income. Thankfully, they’re almost all worth more than I paid for them so I expect to do well selling them.

But that’s not what this post is about dear readers. Going through those model horses has made me start spending some time with my memories. I can remember getting almost every one of those horses over the years. I remember getting the new catalog each year and dreaming about which ones I would someday own.

Memories. So many happy memories just surrounding those little horses. Which made me think of other memories from my childhood that will stay with me forever.

I remember my grandparents’ backyard in Albuquerque. It was huge and filled with flowers and was like a wonderland to a daydreaming child like me. I remember the cold white adobe walls of their house in the summer and how in winter you could stand over the floor heater vents and have hot air fill your clothes until you were toasty warm.

I remember summer rainstorms here in Texas and lying on the hot wet pavement while the cool rain fell. One side of me would be toasty warm and the other side cool. I remember the smell of rain on hot pavement and how that meant you could run inside and put on your swim suit and then play in the rain.

I remember my grandparents’ house in San Antonio and waking up to the sound of doves cooing outside the windows. I remember that their thick bladed grass was perfect for making grass whistles. I remember walking down the street to play mini-golf on hot summer evenings running ahead then waiting for everyone, always surrounded by my family

I remember family reunions in the Lion’s Club meeting hall in Lamesa, TX. I remember running after my cousins and hiding outside when it was time for family pictures. I remember sneaking off into one of the back rooms to read when all the little kids started to get cranky and tired.

And as an adult I’ve added new memories.

I remember when I first saw the coast of Ireland as the plane flew into Shannon. I remember the tug in my heart when I saw my ancestors’ homeland. I remember the way the air smelled and how stepping on to Irish soil felt like coming home.

I remember the day I got my first letter from my birth mother and sitting on my front porch reading it and crying. And then reading it again inside and crying. I remember the joy that letter gave me, especially when I found out I had sisters.

Life is really about the memories we hold on to. They sustain us through bad and sad days.

What are some of your favorite memories?

Giant's Causeway. Not was I saw the first time I came to Ireland, but one of my most favorite sights.

Giant’s Causeway. Not was I saw the first time I came to Ireland, but one of my most favorite sights.

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