It’s official. I’m an adult. I got a new range and I’m super excited. As excited as I used to get about a new album from a beloved musician or a new book from a favorite author.


It’s so pretty!



What you can’t see is the gaping hole left in my cabinets from the old stove. I hadn’t planned on doing a mini-renovation in my kitchen three weeks after moving into my new house but when your tiny oven dies and there’s an amazing sale at Lowe’s…you make things happen fast.

I don’t have a ton more of the new house to show y’all. I’m in the middle of painting right now. The former owners were kinda tough on the house so there isn’t a wall that doesn’t need the paint touched up. Some rooms are getting a total repaint too because they picked some very not-Elise colors. (Hello salmon pink! Yikes!)

I did get my office/writing room finished though. The only room that’s really done. Check it out.

It got a repaint too. Yes, that is a faintly purple grey on the walls. Because purple is my color. I tried to find a shade that didn’t scream PURPLE and I think I succeeded.

The move itself went surprisingly well. Lot’s of friends and family showed up to help and the majority of the move was done in a day and a half.

There was only one bit of badness. The day before I moved my beloved cat Finn was killed by a coyote. My heart still hurts to not have him with me. But my other two fur-kids have adapted quite well to the new house and to life without Finn.

It’s been a lot of changes for three weeks. 99% of them have been good. I don’t miss the country and all the work that came with thirteen acres. My horses and my goat have wonderful new homes and I miss them but not all the work that they required. Now I can go home, take Ice the Wonder Dog for a walk, and have the rest of my evening free. It’s the kind of free time I haven’t had in a decade.

And once I’m done painting and unpacking, most all of that free time will be for writing. I’m currently working to re-edit my first two books so I can self-publish them. I’m also going to have my third book edited and self-publish it too. Then I’ll go back to work on my fourth novel. Watch my social media accounts (specifically Facebook) for info like release dates and such.

2018 started out pretty terrible but, I think, it’s going to end up being okay.



5 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Elsie, I am sorry to hear about your kitty. But I am duly impressed with the writing room. Hey, do not tell Sheryl of the new stove. She may have me shopping.

  2. So sorry to hear about your kitty. That new stove is gorgeous! I’m in a new home too and dreaming of a new gas range to replace the old, expensive, electric one I have. And we both have writing rooms with roll top desks! However, if you wake up one day and find your shelves missing, it’s because I’ve stolen them. They are LOVELY.

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