Book Review – Death Along The Spirit Road

I recently finished this book, the first in a series by C. M. Wendelboe. It’s a great mystery set on a reservation in South Dakota. I’ve always been a mystery buff and picked this book up at one of the Amarillo Public Library used book sales. It’s where I get most of my books, truth be told. I like used books best. They have a history to them. It’s kind of like making a new, old friend when you get a used book.

Anyway, back to the story. It follows Sioux FBI agent, Manny Tanno, as he reluctantly returns to his home town to investigate a murder. The story follows his investigation as well as his walk back into his past. It’s a great mix of intrigue and personal struggles. There are just enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. Enough funny moments to break up the tension. And enough romance to get your heart fluttering.

It’s a good read, easy to follow, well written. I’m not sure I’ll search out the others in the series. But that’s more about the volume of unread books in my house than anything else.

If you’re up for a good mystery, I’d recommend checking it out.

Happy reading!


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